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Centennial Roof Insurance Claims Specialists  

hail-storm-damage-insurance-claim-form-centennialHandling filing a hail storm damages insurance policy case can be daunting. Centennial Commercial Roofing by Design has had great success dealing with hail damage insurance claims and developing those relationships with insurance companies for many years. When you have experienced roofing damage and need to begin an insurance coverage claim, Give Centennial Commercial Roofing by Design a phone call and we will aid you every step of the way.  

Throughout the years we have had great success dealing with insurance providers and we know the procedures required to help them process your hail damages insurance claim effectively as well as effectively. We also focus on making the procedure as convenient as possible for you.  

Roof Insurance Guidelines 

Below is a basic standard that will aid when it comes to collaborating with your insurer, but keep in mind that this is a basic guideline as all insurance policy carriers have their very own techniques of processing hail storm damage cases:   

— Contact Centennial Roofers Inc. to set up a free on-site evaluation. We will certainly identify if hail damages or any kind of other roof covering damage has taken place and also to what extent.  

— If damages are validated, contact your insurance policy agent to ask for an evaluation. An insurance insurer will certainly be appointed to inspect as well as evaluate the loss.  

–Make certain to take images of any hailstorm damage before any kind of repair work. It is a great suggestion to have pre-damage photos of your home. 

— Your representative can after that accredit any type of momentary repairs that are necessary which prevents any kind of more damage to your building. 

— Your insurance company will certainly request receipts for any kind of emergency situation repair work that are done so they can compensate you correctly.  

As soon as an evaluation has been completed, a case sheet will be provided describing the range of hail storm damages and the funds that will be offered for the damages. The insurance policy adjuster will offer you with a detailed description of your insurance claim negotiation, including your insurance deductible quantity and also previous devaluation of your roof.  

A lot of home owner policies permit protection for full replacement cost offered the repairs are completed. In these instances, the devaluation is deemed recoverable as well as the last settlement is made after your receipts have been sent and also processed. In other words, the insurance company will pay for the amount, much less the decreased amount at first and  will then pay the full amount upon evidence the work is complete.  

KEEP IN MIND: All insurance companies have their very own method of handling cases. This is just a general guideline to get you started. 

Insurance Coverage Claims FAQs  

1. How do I know if I have hail storm damage? My roofing isn’t dripping. 

In a hailstorm, a lot of hailstones that hit your roof and home might be too little to cause any type of damages. It’s ideal to have your roof system reviewed by a professional Centennial roofer to establish if you need to file an insurance policy coverage case as well as also have an insurance coverage insurer review the total quantity of damages incurred.

2. The insurance coverage supplier withheld depreciation on my roofing system. Will I obtain that cash?

The very first check the insurance policy company offers you is the Actual Worth (AV); just what the roof should have today with its useful staying life. The loan that was held back is called the depreciation, or technically, the Replacement Value (RV) and will certainly be paid to you when the job is completed or many times after the entry of a certified arrangement with a qualified solution company for the work defined in the insurance policy protection insurers evaluate record. 

3. Why did the insurance carrier hold back depreciation?

There are 2 reasons insurance coverage providers keep back some cash. The very first factor is to see to it that you do the job. Previous experience has actually revealed that if they give the consumer all the cash in development, lots of people wind up spending it on something else. The 2nd factor is that they want to make certain that you pay your complete insurance coverage deductible. The insurance coverage carrier reasons that, if you are offered all the cash to start with, numerous individuals would normally search for an expert that would absolutely do the job for the dollar amount in hand. By holding back a quantity, they might adjust the quantity of the last payment based upon the roofer’s billing, thus assuring that the client does pay the insurance coverage deductible. 

4. Exactly how can I prevent paying the deductible?

A roof covering service provider in collusion with a property owner can send out falsified billings. Doing so is insurance fraud. 

5. On my documentation, it looks like my insurance company has currently deducted my deductible from the check they sent me?

When lots of people check out their insurance policy protection documents they are puzzled, because they think the insurance provider subtracted their insurance coverage deductible from the money the insurance company has sent them. However, the insurance deductible is the amount that the house owner is supposed to pay straight to the expert. The insurer subtracts the property owner deductible amount on the documents from the total quantity the insurance provider permits the case, taking into consideration that the homeowner will certainly pay their insurance deductible straight to the provider. The equilibrium after subtracting is what the house owner will pay straight to the specialist, as a deductible is the general quantity the insurance provider will truly pay for the case.

 6. The insurance coverage is just paying for part of my roofing system, and my neighbor’s insurance provider paid for their entire roofing system covering; why is my insurance provider only paying for component of my roof covering?

No two residences get the similar amount of damage in a tornado. Your next-door neighbor may have suffered comprehensive damage, and you could have received none. The insurer will only spend for the actual problems endured. If the whole roofing was not damaged, the insurance service provider cannot spend for the whole roofing system covering. Nevertheless, if is it border line,it helps to have your roofing contractor analyze the roofing system with your insurance plan insurance provider to precisely assess all problems to the roofing system covering. Periodically insurance insurers may not have the ability to see all the damages if they’re unable to walk on an action roof covering in addition to photo specific locations. 

7. Suppose your estimate is more than the insurance provider’s quote?

We could always conspire with the insurance policy carrier. The insurance coverage carrier will take a look at the supplement as well as upon authorization, send a check for the extra monies had to make the fixing job. Most of the time this happens when the insurance coverage adjuster missed something.  



Call us for a FREE quote and assessment. Whether you’ve experienced hail storm damages from among Colorado’s well-known hail storms, or you have roof covering damages that has intensified for many years, Centennial Commercial Roofing by Design is below to help.